Wembley’s Pickleball Ball Machine

Did you know Wembley has, not only a tennis ball machine, but also a pickleball ball machine? That’s right! Members can book a pickleball court at any time, and rent the ball machine! This unlike any other club in the area!


There are many benefits to hitting with a ball machine.

Firstly, the ball machine will always work into your schedule. You never have to scramble to find people to play with, and you never have to worry about how the other person is playing.

Another good reason is, even the very best pros cannot feed you the same ball every single time. Ball machines can help you find your grove when hitting the ball. With the same ball being fed over, and over, you can create muscle memory.

Along those lines, ball machines are great because they let you progress at your own pace. You can take as much or as little time working on a certain stroke as you would like.

Don’t know how to use the Lobster? Here is a helpful video explaining everything you’ll need to know!

Want to use the ball machine, but don’t know what drills to do? Check out this video!

Come out sometime and try our new pickleball ball machine!

Just log in to your account and book a pickleball court, then when you arrive at the club, ask for the extension cord!

Check out out our Pickleball page, as well as our other posts to stay updated on everything pickleball here at Wembley!

February Pickleball Tournament

Don’t wait! You won’t want to miss this!

Sunday February 23, Wembley is hosting another pickleball tournament!

Interested in signing up? Wondering what events we are having?

Wembley in February

Events in February

Interested in getting more involved in what’s happening at Wembley? Here’s what is going on at Wembley in February!

  • January 31-February 2: USTA Adult Tournament
    • This adult tournament is all doubles, including Combo, and Mixed.
    • Sign up here.
  • February 8: Welcome Back and Birthday party for Dre, Sherif, and Ben!
  • February 16: Junior USTA Single Day Showdown
  • February 22-23: USTA Junior Level 4 Tournament
  • February 23: Pickleball Tournament
  • Among these, members have pool parties, tennis parties, and parties in our Taverne.
    • Want to schedule a party?
      • Email: events@wembleyclub.com
      • Call the club: (440)543-8171

Events in January

Interested in getting more involved in what’s happening at Wembley? Here’s what is going on at Wembley this month!

  • January 12: USTA Junior Level 5 Tournament
  • January 19: Pickleball tournament. Sign up here.
  • January 24-25: The Blast
    • The Blast is Wembley’s biggest event of the year. 80 tennis players of all levels come out and play lots of tennis, and have lots of fun. A buffet is set up in the Taverne, and the drinks are cold! We also have many kids activities to keep them occupied while their parents play!
    • Want to sign up? Email Dave! dave@wembleyclub.com
  • January 25-26: USTA Junior Level 4 Tournament. Sign up here.
  • January 31-February 2: USTA Adult Tournament
    • This adult tournament is all doubles, including Combo, and Mixed.
    • Sign up here
  • Among these, members have pool parties, tennis parties, and parties in our Taverne.
    • Want to schedule a party?
      • Email: events@wembleyclub.com
      • Call the club: (440)543-8171
Cardio tennis at Wembley

Pickleball Tournament

This Sunday, January 19, Wembley is hosting another pickleball tournament!

Interested in signing up? Wondering what events we are having?

Reasons to Start your Child in Tennis

In today’s day and age, keeping kids active can be difficult. Between running around from work, to school, to home, extracurricular activities sometimes cannot fit in. Starting your child in tennis is a great way to get active for many reasons. Not only is it great exercise, but there are also many great life lessons learned in tennis. Check out these reasons why starting your child in tennis can have a great outcome on their life and future!

1. Hand-Eye Coordination 

Tennis helps develop hand-eye coordination at a very young age. When a child is learning to hit a tennis ball, they are constantly learning to judge the distance to the ball, and when to make contact.

2. Bone Strength and Flexibility

Starting tennis at a young age helps strengthen bone structure. It is proven that tennis can prevent osteoporosis later in life. Kids also learn about stretching before and after activities, and they are constantly stretching when they are maneuvering to the ball, which drastically improves flexibility.

3. Cardiovascular Strength

When you get a kid on the tennis court, they can spend an hour running around with high energy without even realizing it. With all of the running around, they are strengthening their heart while having fun.

4. Motor Skills

Playing tennis helps condition large muscle groups. From running around, to striking the ball, tennis is a full body activity. As their skills advance, fine motor skills are strengthened because of difficult shots like volleys, drop shots, and lobs.

5. Agility and Balance

During a single point, a player may change directions 5 times in a matter of 10 seconds! They have to learn how to run up to a ball, stop, strike the ball, then recover. With all of the stop-go movement, kids become more agile, and learn to balance their bodies.

6. Life Skills

Many life skills are learned while playing tennis. Like all sports, when learning tennis, you can run into points where it gets difficult or frustrating. Learning to overcome obstacles, and becoming better from it is an important skill to learn while young. Also, when playing against other kids, you will find other kids are just unfair. Learning to deal with unfairness at a young age prepares kids for the rest of their life. When they learn to handle unfairness, and act out of logic and reasoning instead of feelings, they learn to act well beyond their years. Tennis teaches mental toughness in general. When you are out on court, it is just you against your opponent. You have to learn how to face adversity, and rise against struggles on your own.

Tennis is a sport that can be played the rest of your life. Not only are you giving them a lifetime sport, but also you are teaching them a sport that can be used for family bonding. Playing tennis as a family can be so enjoyable, and a great way to bond with your children. There are many physical and mental advantages to playing tennis. Starting a kid in tennis early can be a great way to get them active, and a fun way to spend time together!

Interested in signing your child up for our Junior Clinic program? Check out our Youth Tennis Page!

Thai Massage at The Wembley Club

The Wembley Club is excited to announce that we now offer Thai Massage Appointments.

Appointments can be made in 60, 90, and 120 minute increments. Please use the form below to schedule your next Thai Massage.

If you are desiring an appointment that is not available on the schedule please contact Kate Lawrence at 216-374-5262.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I wear for my appointment?

It is suggested that you wear comfortable clothing, clothing that you are able to stretch in and feel relaxed.

What is Thai Massage?

Thai Massage, or Thai Yoga Massage, is a traditional modality practiced in Thailand for centuries. Based on Ayurvedic medicine and yoga, this art form has been handed down for 2,200 years. In Thailand, people regularly receive this treatment as a type of maintenance to stay healthy. Thai Massage is a form of energy work and a component of Thai medicine. In Thailand, it is used to treat various illnesses and dis-ease. A complete Thai massage includes acupressure, energy meridian work, and yoga-like stretching for an invigorating experience. Thai massage is different from other forms of massage in that there is little to no oil used, and that the masseur uses a mattress on the floor (instead of a table).  You remain clothed throughout the session. In Thai work, one will experience more stretching of limbs and acupressure and not as much sweeping muscular work, as in a relaxation massage. It is often described as “assisted yoga” or having someone “do yoga to you”. It has also been described as a flowing dance between masseur and client, particularly when the client completely lets go, allowing his/her body to be passive while it is being moved around. 

Thai massage improves circulation, flexibility, and muscle tone, complimenting any exercise routine. The acupressure and stretching is very helpful to those who are stiff, sore, and tired from over-exertion in work, sports, or arthritis and other disorders. It relaxes sore tense muscles, and helps mobilize joints that have lost their range of motion. It also encourages lymphatic function, strengthening the immune system. Thai massage will stimulate the mind and body, promoting the body’s own healing ability. One can receive all of the benefits of yoga or Tai Chi within a Thai massage.

Anyone can receive Thai massage! The massage can be done according to your own needs and flexibility.  Just be sure to indicate in advance of ANY sensitivities, injuries, or conditions you have. Also, communication is KEY. Feel free to indicate when you need more or less pressure or stretch.

The Ultimate Guide to Pickleball

Wanting to get a basic understanding of the fastest growing sport in America? In this blog, we will have material that can help guide you into the Pickleball world!

In one of our earlier posts, we completely outlined the game. Here is some further information to continue on.

Firstly, here is a 3 part video series to help explain the basics of the game of pickleball.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Want to know everything from the history of pickleball, what to expect, all the way to strategy? We have attached a booklet that can give you all of that, and more! The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Pickleball

One of the hardest thing for new players to adjust to is the non-volley zone/kitchen. Even some advanced players struggle with some of the specifics of the rules as well. We have found an awesome video that thoroughly explains everything you need to know about the kitchen!

After achieving the basics of the game, you’ll want to learn the art of “dinking.” Although there are times you will hit the ball hard, learning how to hit softly will take your game to another level. Here is a great video on dinking to refer to:

What’s next? Here at Wembley, and all over the country, there are always tournaments to play in. Going into the tournaments, and regular play in general, you will want to know the official rules used. Here is a the entire rule book: USA Pickleball Association Rulebook

When you are registering for a tournament for the first time, you will have to give yourself a rating, or “self-rate.” Don’t panic! Here is a simple chart that can help guide you through the process! Self-Rating Guide

Don’t forget! Here at Wembley we offer private lessons, group lesson, and have TONS of group play! Check out our pickleball page for more info!

Why to Start Swimming Early

When parents are looking to get their children into swimming lessons, they are preoccupied with preventing drowning, and water safety in general. Although these are great things to be focused on, you will be surprised to hear how much swimming lessons can improve your child’s overall development at a young age.

Developmental Milestones

Griffith University researchers looked heavily into the impacts that swim lessons can have on baby growth physically, psychologically and cognitively. They surveyed 7,000 parents and closely observed 176 children (birth to five years of age) for three years, who were regularly attending swim classes. One of the most noteworthy results of this study was that children in swim lessons from an early age are, on average, seven months ahead on motor skill developmental milestones than the normal population. In turn, children are more advanced when it comes to balance, coordination, using utensils, drawing, and building with blocks.

Cognitive Development

The same Griffith University study revealed that cognition is also significantly improved in young children who are active in swim classes. In fact, the study determined that swimming helps the cognitive aspect of child development, advancing it as much as 10 months ahead of the normal population. This means, parents can expect babies and young kids who are involved in swim classes to reach levels of reasoning in areas like reading, writing, and arithmetic significantly ahead of their peers. This can set the stage for a life of academic success.

Language Skills

Swimming lessons can be an important building block in your child’s language learning. Think about this, what is said during a swimming lesson? There is counting, commands, directions, colors (“swim to the red ring”), etc. It is proven that children can count to 10 upwards of 2 years ahead of their peers just from swimming lessons. Your child’s language development can be advanced by years from simply taking a swimming lesson a week.


Not only is important to strive to have cognitive success, every parent wants their child to be socially adept as well. Starting swimming lessons early on gives your child continuous interaction with other adults and children. If your child is taking private lessons, this gives you the opportunity to not only have them interact with someone new, but it also establishes listening skills to other adults. Group lessons do the same, with the addition of other children for them to interact, and eventually make friends with. It has been proven that children are a year or more ahead of their peers socially from taking swimming lessons.

As you can see, water safety is just one piece in the swimming puzzle. There are so many factors that can dramatically advance your child’s development by simply attending a swim lesson every week. 

For more information on the Griffith University study mentioned above, check out this video:

Wembley: The Beauty of the Bubble

Are you wanting to sign your child up for swim lessons, but feel like you need to wait until the weather warms up again? Are you looking for a fun activity during these cold Northeast Ohio months? Wembley has just the solution. Swimming is a great, safe environment for your child to burn off calories, and the extra energy from staying in on these cold days. Keeping your child physically active will in turn keep them mentally engaged.  

Here at Wembley, we have all of your swimming needs. From late May to early September, we remove our bubble, so we have an outdoor pool. The heated pool, combined with the sunshine, is the perfect mix for a fun summer day. When the cooler weather comes around, we put the bubble back up, and have a heated indoor pool.

With having a pool, safety is the number one concern. Water Safety is not only important in the summer months, it’s needed year round. Winter is the perfect time to get you kids into the pool to start lessons! Even if it just one lesson a week, this will help you child build upon what they have learned, and it gets them more comfortable in the water! By giving your kids a fun and active outlet like swimming in a safe environment during the cold winter months, you’ll find you have a much more confident child in the water when summer rolls around. In the meantime, they’ll have a blast, stay active, and are proud of all they’re accomplishing!