5 Ways to Eat Well on the Go!

We are all running around, from carpooling to work trips and family vacations. Spring break season is coming up! Time to plan ahead! So here are a few things to keep in mind for when you are on the go and still want to feel great!

1. Think ahead. Look over your itinerary and get a handle on where you want to indulge and where you want to eat healthy.

2. Pack simple snacks for back up – throw some protein powder in your bag or a bag of beef jerky or almonds that you can chow down if you get stuck starving.

3. Focus on veggies – when ordering a meal – make sure you have some veggies in your meal!

4. Drink lots of water – so often when we travel we don’t drink enough so make sure you bring your water bottle!

5. Skip the foods you KNOW will make you feel bad.

Credit: Ali Hively; Fitness instructor here at The Wembley Club, and owner/founder of Kijia Living!

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