5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Workout!

1. Find a friend or buddy.

Most people respond better to expectations when another person is involved. Make a plan with a friend to go to a new class or meet for a walk.

2. Stop and ask yourself what you would really like to do for a workout.

Often times we think we need to get on a treadmill or go jump around in the basement for a workout, but if those sound miserable, try something else!! There are so many things out there and available to do, sometimes you just need to ask yourself what would feel good!

3. Put your workout clothes on.

Often times, the act of getting your sports bra on with your shoes and socks is enough action to get your into the groove of moving your body.

4. Block your calendar.

Literally make an appointment with yourself for a time to workout. This will pop up and remind you that it’s time for you! This will also allow you time to actually do it.

5. Make/find a new playlist or podcast.

If you are like me, you love to get 2 things done at once. This is why I love running or working out to audible books and podcasts. It feels good to be learning something while I move! I am also very motivated by music and love Spotify for it’s millions of great playlists!

Credit: Ali Hively; Fitness instructor here at The Wembley Club, and owner/founder of Kijia Living!

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