At Home Tennis Drills!

Well… it has happened. We are required to stay at home. Here are some easy drills to do at home, that keep your kids, and you occupied!

“Ups and Downs”

If your kids come to clinics, they know the famous Ups and Downs. These are great for strengthening your arms, and working on hand-eye coordination. For your Ups, you will need your backhand grip. For kids that are still learning, have them let the ball bounce on the ground once, then hit it up. Make sure to reverse the racquet every time. For your downs, have your forehand grip, and bounce the ball against the ground. Feel like that is too easy? Try doing both against your frame!


Learning how to juggle is a great way to work on hand-eye coordination, as well as working on your toss for your serve. Here is a simple video teaching you how to juggle! Once you’ve got that down, Try walking down your driveway, hallway, basement, etc. (anywhere you aren’t risking breaking anything!)

Jumping Rope

There are so many reasons to jump rope. Jumping rope is a great cardio exercise, along with being great for footwork. Whether you’re doing something simple like alternating feet, or jumping together, or you’re doing something more difficult, jumping rope is a great exercise!

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