Building Healthy Family Fitness Habits

4 Ways to Get Your Family Into a Fitness Habit

With all of the time we have had together as families this year, and with things still not back to “normal”, it can be the perfect time to build your family’s fitness habits! By helping our kids to enjoy and value fitness at a younger age they will be more likely to keep it up as an adult!

Model it. Whether we want to admit it or not, kids are always watching us. They are taking in what we do and how we act and this works great when it comes to fitness!! By taking time to exercise, play a sport, and workout, you are showing your family that it matters. Kids are so much more likely to do what they see you doing! Knowing they are watching, maybe good motivation to make it happen for you, too!

Make it fun. There are so many great ways to move your body that if you hate you’re workout, it’s time to try something else! By choosing things you enjoy, like playing tennis, taking a fitness class, swimming or learning a new sport you can will be interested and happy to be active! Choose something you can do together or make a time to workout and let everyone choose something different they want to do at the same time.

Do it with others. Sign up for a tennis drill or a teen fitness class with a friend! Invite a buddy to swim laps with or go for a walk or hike together! Making fitness something fun and social is an easy way to make it happen. It also allows you to build connections with people while you move – bonus points!

Try something new. Decide to try something new this summer! Have each person in your family pick something to try or try new things together. A yoga class, a game of pickleball, or a new park to explore are a few ideas for trying something new! This keeps everyone interested and hopefully finding something they like to do that they can add to their routine!

Wembley is a great place to build your family fitness habit this summer because they offer so much for every age!

Step out of your comfort zone and try a class, clinic, lesson, or jump in for a lap swim!

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