Happy International Yoga Day!

Our amazing 6 Wembley Yoga Instructors share their favorite poses.  In honor of International Yoga Day our instructors share why they love each pose and what yoga means to them. 

Be inspired by joining them this week in class: virtual or in club classes.


Kate: Parsvottanasana/ Pyramid Pose

“I love this pose so much because it stretches the spine, chest, hips, hamstrings, and shoulders- helps calm the mind and establish good postural habits.  Yoga is my daily grounding: body, mind and breath connection. It is where I find space, in my mind, in my body.  It is where I go to recommit to taking care of my health and stay in alighment literally and figuratively with my divine truth and path each day.”


Leigh: Astravakasana/ Eight Angle 

This poses is one of my favorites because it requires me to apply the yamas and niyamas to my practice.  It is the perfect blend of strength and flexibility. When I approached these poses at first I had the mindset of “I can’t do that” and every time i was right. As soon as I shifted perspective and applied my yoga morals I flew right in to them. For me, yoga is all about healing. It’s amazing to be strong and make beautiful shapes, but it’s that inner healing that will bring the most happiness. So grateful for yogas full 8 limbed healing

Shawn: Tree Pose

“I was hiking with my family and was so inspired to become part of it so I am in the tree pose.  It just reminds me of how connected we are to each other and to the Universe.”


Diane: Shirahasana/ Headstand Pose

“Yoga is about the breath. We use breath to energize, release stress, relax mind, body and spirit.  Remember to bring good, open breathing  into all of your  yoga!”

Jessica: Half Moon with bind

My yoga practice doesn’t end when I step off of my mat, the same way it doesn’t begin when I step onto my mat. And it is just that, a practice. A practice that I use to keep me grounded, but also one to let me fly. In my video I am post virtual bootcamp during quarantine stretching out my mind and body as I work up to bird of paradise a balancing posture/shoulder opener and side crow, an arm balancing posture/deep twist. At the end I skip savasana because my hubby comes upstairs with the baby!”


Grace: Trikonasana/ Triangle Pose

“Yoga is so much deeper than our postures and the physical shape our bodies can take/make. The physical practice of yoga— asana practice— is about preparing the body to be strong and nimble enough to explore the other limbs of our practice— our breath control, our meditation, and more. To me, this day is about remembering that we cant simply “go to yoga” or “do yoga”—meaning the small amount of time we spend on our mats in physical postures. We must live yoga— meaning take our practice off the mat, do our best to live authentically and not harm others, hold space for others and validate their truth and experience, and strive for unity.

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