Reasons to Start your Child in Tennis

In today’s day and age, keeping kids active can be difficult. Between running around from work, to school, to home, extracurricular activities sometimes cannot fit in. Starting your child in tennis is a great way to get active for many reasons. Not only is it great exercise, but there are also many great life lessons learned in tennis. Check out these reasons why starting your child in tennis can have a great outcome on their life and future!

1. Hand-Eye Coordination 

Tennis helps develop hand-eye coordination at a very young age. When a child is learning to hit a tennis ball, they are constantly learning to judge the distance to the ball, and when to make contact.

2. Bone Strength and Flexibility

Starting tennis at a young age helps strengthen bone structure. It is proven that tennis can prevent osteoporosis later in life. Kids also learn about stretching before and after activities, and they are constantly stretching when they are maneuvering to the ball, which drastically improves flexibility.

3. Cardiovascular Strength

When you get a kid on the tennis court, they can spend an hour running around with high energy without even realizing it. With all of the running around, they are strengthening their heart while having fun.

4. Motor Skills

Playing tennis helps condition large muscle groups. From running around, to striking the ball, tennis is a full body activity. As their skills advance, fine motor skills are strengthened because of difficult shots like volleys, drop shots, and lobs.

5. Agility and Balance

During a single point, a player may change directions 5 times in a matter of 10 seconds! They have to learn how to run up to a ball, stop, strike the ball, then recover. With all of the stop-go movement, kids become more agile, and learn to balance their bodies.

6. Life Skills

Many life skills are learned while playing tennis. Like all sports, when learning tennis, you can run into points where it gets difficult or frustrating. Learning to overcome obstacles, and becoming better from it is an important skill to learn while young. Also, when playing against other kids, you will find other kids are just unfair. Learning to deal with unfairness at a young age prepares kids for the rest of their life. When they learn to handle unfairness, and act out of logic and reasoning instead of feelings, they learn to act well beyond their years. Tennis teaches mental toughness in general. When you are out on court, it is just you against your opponent. You have to learn how to face adversity, and rise against struggles on your own.

Tennis is a sport that can be played the rest of your life. Not only are you giving them a lifetime sport, but also you are teaching them a sport that can be used for family bonding. Playing tennis as a family can be so enjoyable, and a great way to bond with your children. There are many physical and mental advantages to playing tennis. Starting a kid in tennis early can be a great way to get them active, and a fun way to spend time together!

Interested in signing your child up for our Junior Clinic program? Check out our Youth Tennis Page!

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