Tennis at Wembley Through the Eyes of Dre

There’s an incredibly joyful social presence that comes along with being a member of The Wembley Club. I love to see all our members getting involved whether it be tennis, fitness, or through the use of our ever growing list of amenities. We like to see everyone getting involved no matter what your level of play is. Whether it be as an individual or as a family there’s so many ways in which you can have fun!

Growing up, I was constantly around tennis courts every day as my dad was a Tennis Professional. Before coming to Wembley, I had never been a part of a club socially where it almost feels like family. The functions, parties, random pool sessions in the summer make it all worthwhile, especially after enduring a tough training session. 

Our philosophy for tennis is based around the fact that we want everyone to have an incredible learning experience, and make it fun for everyone that steps onto our courts. It’s important to us that we mold our programs to be catered to everyone. My ideology comes from a long running background in tennis, and I believe that everyone needs the chance to maximize their own style of play and find their individual flair. One of my main goals as a coach would have to be that everyone has a fun and positive experience with tennis once they leave the court. As a team, all of the Wembley employees are extremely easy going and in most cases you will see us building friendships that we will have for years to come.

Wembley knows how to have fun both on and off the court which is what I think sets us apart from other clubs, and for that, I’d like to thank all the members for making our staff love our jobs! 

We like to work with our members to create the best possible experience so I would like to encourage you to share with me any ideas you have that would make your experience the best there is!

-Dre Mick

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