Different Tennis Hitting Stances

There are a few different hitting stances when it comes to tennis. When a teaching pro introduces someone to tennis, they always start with turning the student sideways to hit the ball. This is the most basic way to hit a ball, mostly because you will have the most control hitting this way. This is called the “closed stance.” (pictured below; Ben with our tiny tots)

As players progress, hitting in the closed stance 100% of the time becomes more difficult. You will use the closed stance when you are moving forward into the court. Aside from that, if you are in a match and your opponent is hitting the ball very hard, there might not be enough time to turn sideways. So what do you do then? This is where the “semi-open” and “open” stances come into play.

Semi-Open Stance

The semi-open stance is used quite often in tennis. Most people do not have the time to get into a completely closed stance in the middle of a point because of how fast the game has become. In this day and age, tennis is so fast. People are hitting bigger and faster balls than they used to. With this, were have adjusted how we hit the ball. The semi-closed stance is one way. This stance gives you the balance needed to hit the ball, but also helps you adjust to speed of the balls coming.

Open Stance

The open stance should be a last resort. This stance should only be used when you are either on the run, or have a ball hit at you so fast that you cannot turn. It is very hard to be balanced when you hit with the open stance. Along with this, it is hard to fully use your hips to hit the ball.

In this YouTube video, Sherif gives a detailed analysis of the different tennis hitting stances. He talks about each stance, and when each one should be used.

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