Wembley: The Beauty of the Bubble

Are you wanting to sign your child up for swim lessons, but feel like you need to wait until the weather warms up again? Are you looking for a fun activity during these cold Northeast Ohio months? Wembley has just the solution. Swimming is a great, safe environment for your child to burn off calories, and the extra energy from staying in on these cold days. Keeping your child physically active will in turn keep them mentally engaged.  

Here at Wembley, we have all of your swimming needs. From late May to early September, we remove our bubble, so we have an outdoor pool. The heated pool, combined with the sunshine, is the perfect mix for a fun summer day. When the cooler weather comes around, we put the bubble back up, and have a heated indoor pool.

With having a pool, safety is the number one concern. Water Safety is not only important in the summer months, it’s needed year round. Winter is the perfect time to get you kids into the pool to start lessons! Even if it just one lesson a week, this will help you child build upon what they have learned, and it gets them more comfortable in the water! By giving your kids a fun and active outlet like swimming in a safe environment during the cold winter months, you’ll find you have a much more confident child in the water when summer rolls around. In the meantime, they’ll have a blast, stay active, and are proud of all they’re accomplishing!

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