Wembley’s Pickleball Ball Machine

Did you know Wembley has, not only a tennis ball machine, but also a pickleball ball machine? That’s right! Members can book a pickleball court at any time, and rent the ball machine! This unlike any other club in the area!


There are many benefits to hitting with a ball machine.

Firstly, the ball machine will always work into your schedule. You never have to scramble to find people to play with, and you never have to worry about how the other person is playing.

Another good reason is, even the very best pros cannot feed you the same ball every single time. Ball machines can help you find your grove when hitting the ball. With the same ball being fed over, and over, you can create muscle memory.

Along those lines, ball machines are great because they let you progress at your own pace. You can take as much or as little time working on a certain stroke as you would like.

Don’t know how to use the Lobster? Here is a helpful video explaining everything you’ll need to know!

Want to use the ball machine, but don’t know what drills to do? Check out this video!

Come out sometime and try our new pickleball ball machine!

Just log in to your account and book a pickleball court, then when you arrive at the club, ask for the extension cord!

Check out out our Pickleball page, as well as our other posts to stay updated on everything pickleball here at Wembley!

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