What is Functional Fitness?

~Michelle Scacchi

Our bodies are wonderful examples of function, designed to complete an action continuously; even when we are sleeping or unaware. How brilliant! With that being said, we are highlighting the awareness of functional fitness in the next few paragraphs and the significance of functional fitness presently, during these unprecedented times. The word ‘functional’ refers to something working well with a purpose. ‘Fitness’ is the condition of being physically fit and healthy, the quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task.

‘Functional’ is a key word and action that is being examined from the inside out, literally from the inside of the gym to the outside. The present special circumstances of social distancing has caused us to re-focus the importance of functional fitness in different populations, young and older alike. The best practices are vital for every age. Movement patterns, such as squatting, lungeing, pushing, pulling, hingeing, rotating, walking and running are utilized in every day activities. Doing these movements in our fitness classes keep us strong and capable for every day life.

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