Yoga for Anxiety and Depression

With everything going on in the world, and the weather getting colder, we are all experiencing some level of anxiety or depression, or most likely both. Yoga has been used as a very effective way to manage anxiety for hundreds of years. Whether it’s a situational anxiety attack, or a long term chronic depression, Yoga can be used to help alleviate symptoms.

Why yoga? Yoga is an eight limbed practice. That means that the movement, which we already know to be beneficial to anxiety, is one 1 of 8 parts.

The practice of yoga is beneficial for so many reasons.

The yamas and niyamas of yoga remind us about non-judgment, non attachment and keeps us more mindful. Mindfulness is so important when managing anxiety and depression.

Another limb is Breathwork. By controlling your breath consciously you can learn how to control the entire body with just the breath. Yogic breathing helps increase bloodflow, reduce heart rate, reduce blood pressure and tames the body’s stress response.

There are literally thousands of reasons yoga is such effective management of anxiety and depression. I encourage you to give yoga a shot if you’re experiencing these challenges. Meet us on your mat.


yoga helping your body

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