The Arena at Wembley has a diverse assortment of yoga classes. From Slow Flow, to CardiYoga, The Arena has a class to fit your needs! Our new studio opened in June of 2022! The studio incorporates elements of the earth; stone, water, and fire. Our studio is completely climate controlled (heat and humidity), as well as having state of the art soft flooring!

The Arena at Wembley Yoga Studio

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Below are the class names, as well as descriptions of each class.


Take your yoga to the water, immerse yourself in the element and “go with the flow.” Class is attended in our pool.


CardiYoga is a beat-driven, full-body workout burning over 600 calories. In one fun hour, you will be guided to move to the music for cardio, stretching, strengthening, and core work. You can expect fluid yoga poses, fast-paced movement, plyometrics and core work to a curated playlist. No experience necessary! All genders welcome! We hope you will join us for this transformative class. You will feel stronger both inside and out.

Cycle and Yoga:

30 minute cycle followed by 45 minutes of yoga for ALL levels.


A fast-paced style yoga that is focused on strength building and endurance.  Combine mindfulness, breathing, and focus into your practice for a dynamic class!

Prenatal & Postnatal:

A safe class for pregnant and postnatal women.  In this class you will learn how to relieve common pregnancy ailments throughout the body during, and post pregnancy.  This class focuses on strengthening the women’s body and mind for a healthy childbirth, as well as motherhood, while educating those on how to modify during traditional yoga class.  This class includes meditation, light stretching, and is intended for women in any stages of her pregnancy, and post pregnancy.

Slow Flow:

Slow flow will slowly move you through a series of fluid postures. This includes flowing continuously through sequences of sun salutations and standing/seated postures. Every breath links to movement.  This is a wonderful class for all levels of yoga energizing your body, relieving tension, and working on mindfulness.

Strengthening Flow:

A class where movement is blended with strengthening holds to increase range of motion, improve flexibility, and release stress.

Yoga at the Arena


A class that combines yoga poses into a sequence of movements flowing from one movement to the next. Movement is coordinated to breath.


This class blends vinyasa-like movement, with mindfulness for an over all healthier well-being. Through movement, the emphasis is placed on safe alignment and slower breathing, allowing practitioners an opportunity to pause, reflect and find space between poses and awareness of their bodies. Throughout class, there will be silent periods of reflection and static holding during each pose. There will also be times where there is more fluidity and more frequent bursts of energetic sequencing to raise energy. All levels of experience are welcome in this class. Poses are generally gentle, yet each pose can be adjusted to be more or less challenging depending on experience.


Yin yoga is characterized by passive, long-held, floor-based yoga poses that usually focus on the spine, hips, and legs.  Infused with principles from Traditional Chinese Medicine, its title distinguishes it from more active and energetic ‘yang’ yoga asana practices. The aim of this practice isn’t just about stretching these tissues, but also to ‘stress’ them by offering gentle, sustained traction, compression, or shearing.  A significant part of the practice is learning to sit with that sensation and examine one’s response to it.

Yoga and Meditation:

This gentle class will offer you the complete experience of yoga from breath-work and yoga poses.  Poses will range from beginner to advanced with modifications for all, meditation techniques will be incorporated throughout.  Your bones will be stronger and your mind centered and calm. The instructor is well trained in classical yoga, Buddhist and other meditation styles. Room Temp is no higher than 73 Degrees.

Yoga for the Spine:

This class is designed for people with back issues, as well as people with NO back issues looking to keep a healthy strong back and core.  You will gently move through poses that will focus on strengthening and stretching while moving out habitual behaviors that are making your back hurt.  This is a wonderful class if you have sciatica problems or herniated discs.

Youth Yoga:

Youth Yoga incorporates introduction to the mind and body connection.  This class is suited for children ages 7+. Please bring a yoga mat.
Yoga at The Arena