Habits are a Hidden Secret!

Have you ever gotten home and you are too tired to think so you go on autopilot?

Auto pilot for you may mean you throw some chicken nuggets in the oven and then eat them with your kids? Then you feel guilty and your energy is drained.

Or auto pilot may mean that you pour a glass or red wine (or two), and sit down with some cheese and crackers. Before you even know what you are doing, they are gone. Then you may just pour another and call it dinner, but that is not what you wanted to do.

Our routines and habits allow us to access a part of our brain that runs on relatively little energy. This means that you are able to skip the energy needed to decide what you are going to do, because your brain just does what it does.

This can be where the problem lies, if you habits are not designed for you happiness.

Our habits are our most critical cornerstones for happiness.

But, there is great news!!! You can create new habits and break old habits!

Make your dinnertime routine so that it creates feelings of calmness and gratitude rather than annoyance.

Create a morning routine that doesn’t make you want to lay our heads down and cry before you even get the kids to school.

Create bedtime routines for yourself that doesn’t leave you exhausted and irritable.

It is completely possible and it’s not that hard!!

All you need to do is commit to yourself!

Credit: Ali Hively; Fitness instructor here at The Wembley Club, and owner/founder of Kijia Living!

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