Personal Training FAQs

Who can benefit from Personal Training at Wembley?

Our program is ideal for everyone, from conditioned athletes to seniors, and everyone in between! Regardless of your experience and abilities, our personal training programs are tailored to each individual. Clients benefit from consistent, regular feedback from our personal training professionals. We understand that everyone has different needs. Wembley’s personal trainers will put you on the right track with a customized plan to help you achieve the highest level of success!

Why do I need a personal trainer?

There are many reasons why members whose to begin working with a personal trainer. A trainer can help place you on the path to sustainable results. Whether you’re looking for someone to to keep you motivated or someone to challenge you beyond what you may think are your limits, Wembley’s personal trainers will consistently provide the support you need. A personal trainer will help you maximize the benefits of your fitness membership at The Arena. 

How do I get started with Personal Training at Wembley?

Contact to set up your initial consultation. Together, you will schedule your consultation, review your assessment results, and set up a regular schedule for personal training sessions. 

Why is the initial consultation so important? 

Your assessment output from your initial consultation is the blueprint for your fitness journey. The consultation includes your health and history screening, body composition analysis, a complete fitness assessment, a fitness floor assessment, and a program tailored to you. We’re confident that you will walk out of your initial consultation having learned something new to make your fitness experience more challenging and rewarding. The initial consultation with your personal trainer is truly the key to your success!